Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The theme of the 2019 Appeal for Catholic Ministries is, “Our Faith, Our Future.” The priorities are Strengthening our Parish Communities; Reaching Out to our Neighbors in Need (Catholic Charities, Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Respect Life Office programs); and Evangelizing our Community (e.g., Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Prison Ministry, Religious Education Programs, Vocation Awareness programs). Through your generosity, we are contributing to the work of the Lord in our parish and our Archdiocese. 

The 2019 goal is $36,485. Rebates from the 2019 Appeal will help with: (1) continuing to upgrade parish technology and (2) purchasing liturgical items to use during worship.

The Appeal for Catholic Ministries supports the immediate needs of our parish and our Archdiocese. The Embracing Our Mission Capital Campaign is over a five-year period and provides for the long-term needs of the same. We come from all walks of life: rich, middle class, and poor. You may consider your donation to be large or small; however, each contribution will support the work of the Lord. As we have been blessed, we choose to be a blessing to others. I am donating $200 to the Appeal. Please contribute only what you can afford and without changing your Sunday Offering.

Father Raymond Harris