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February marks my sixth anniversary as your Pastor. I have witnessed your generosity to the work of the Lord. That is why I led our parish to summarize our mission as helping people, “to believe in Christ, belong to His Church, and bless our communities.”


Your gift advances the work of the Lord in our Archdiocese and our parish. It will benefit Archdiocesan ministries of evangelization, Catholic education and faith formation, community outreach, seminarian education and the care of retired clergy. 


Our parish will receive a 25% rebate from donations given up to the goal and a 50% rebate from donations given after the goal has been surpassed. Once again, our rebate will be directed to purchasing new chairs for the Hall. The present chairs are old and uncomfortable for many. These chairs will be used for parish fellowship, faith formationr, and fundraising events. .


Our 2023 goal is $35,628. I am donating $300 via online giving. Whether a one-time gift or a ten-month pledge, whatever you can give will glorify the Lord as we continue to proclaim His Gospel and build His Church.


Options for giving:

1, Any checks are made payable to "Annual Appeal".

2. Mail: Annual Appeal, Archdiocese of Baltimore, 320 Cathedral St (4th Floor), Baltimore, MD          21201

3. Giving Weekend (Feb 18 & 19) at the Parish Church 

4. Online:

    Be sure to select "Holy Family-Randallstown" as the parish.


Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Father Raymond Harris


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