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Maintaing a safe environment for children & youth.

Thanks to our Volunteers!

Thank you for contributing the work of the Lord at HFC by serving in a ministry of organization. All employees and volunteers in the Archdiocese of Baltimore must complete the VIRTUS Online process before serving. Thank you for helping to maintain a safe environment for our children and youth. 


Key points of Archdiocesan policy are here.

"The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to healthy ministry, and seeks to engage competent, qualified people. To protect children and youth, Church personnel are screened for their fitness to work with minors. This process includes mandatory completion of criminal background checks for all clergy, employees, and for all volunteers who have substantial contact with children."


Classifications for ministries & organizations: 

1. WITH substantial contact with minors

2. WITHOUT substantial contact with minors.

HFC's classifications are:

1. WITH substantial contact with minors: School of Religion, Faith in ActionCommittee, Young Adult Fellowship, & Youth Group adult volunteers.

2. WITHOUT substantial contact with mimors - any other ministries & organizations 

Instructions to register and complete VIRTUS Online:

1, WITH substantial contact with minors is here.

2. WITHOUT substantial contact with minors is here.

Note: No volunteer at HFC has driving others as an explicit requirement. A driving record is not needed. 


Archdiocese of Baltimore

Office of Child & Youth Protection

Promise to Protect

and Promote Healing

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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