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Our mission is to help people to believe in Christ, belong to His Church, and to bless our communities. We strive to fulfill our mission through worship, evangelization, faith formation, stewardship, fellowship, and service. 


On behalf of the people of Holy Family Catholic Church, I welcome you to our website.


We are a strong parish with a great history. We are a growing intercultural parish, coming from Northwest and West Baltimore County, Southeast Carroll County, and other areas. 

The Church is not composed of perfect people. We are ordinary people who are being perfected by the steadfast love of God.


Whether you consider yourself to be strong in your faith, or struggling with an aspect of it, or somewhere in between, there is a place for you at Holy Family Parish. If you have questions about the Catholic faith, do not hesitate to contact me.


For 147 years, we have been helping people to believe in Christ, belong to His Church, and bless our communities. We give thanks to God for this opportunity to invite you to join us.

Father Raymond Harris


05/05/2024: To Be Loved & To Love As Christ TeachesFather Raymond Harris
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