Updated July 30, 2021


Our parish is following these protocols for the safety of all. Your entering the parish church means that you will follow these protocols. Thank you and God bless you. We look forward to worshipping with you.


1. SUNDAY OBLIGATION WAS REINSTATED ON SATRUDAY, JUNE 26: This was announced by Archbishop Lori on Wednesday, June 2. Holy Mass on The Lord's Day is Saturday at 4 PM; Sunday at 7:30 AM and 11 AM. ““This obligation does not apply to those who are ill; those who have reason to believe that they were recently exposed to the coronavirus, another serious or contagious illness; those who are confined to their home, a hospital, or nursing facility; or those with serious underlying health conditions. One should consult his or her local pastor if questions arise about the obligation to attend Mass (Canon 1245 and the Catechism of the Catholic Church n. 2181).” Statement of the Bishops of the Province of Baltimore


2. CHECK YOUR HEALTH CONDITION. Please take your temperature at home before you leave. If you have a fever, or are sick, or suspect that you may have been (or was exposed to) a contagious illness, please stay home, and take care of yourself. If you are awaiting test results for COVID-19 or any contagious illness, you may not come to the parish campus, whether you have symptoms or not.


3. MASK WEARING: Due to the highly contagious Delta variant, the federal Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidance is that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons should wear masks indoors in those areas of the nation in which there is high community spread of the virus. While mask wearing is optional at this time, Father Harris encourages worshippers to wear a mask. Worshippers have different health conditions. They have relatives at home with different health conditions.  


4. SEATING PROTOCOL: Worshippers can seat themselves. Fr. Harris asks that different households maintain some distance as naturally occurred before the pandemic. If a person moves away from you after you are seated, please do not take offense. We are at different levels of comfort at this time.


5. SIGN OF PEACE: Offer a sign of peace without physical touch to those who are not in your household (e.g. verbal, nod of the head).


6. COMMUNION PROCESSION:  Follow the direction of the priest and the ushers. Both options of receiving the Eucharist are available. 

-- Clergy and the Communion Ministers: Before they begin, they will wear masks and use hand sanitizer. 

-- Receiving the Eucharist initially in the hand? You must use hand sanitizer first. Rub your hands together until they are dry. Do not wipe your hands on your clothing. After the Eucharist is placed in the palm of your hand, receive Our Lord immediately before returning to your pew.

-- Receiving the Eucharist directly on the tongue? Come close to the Communion Station table and make it easy for the minister to administer the Eucharist. 

-- Whenever the Clergy or Communion Minister touches the communicant's hand or administers the Eucharist directly on the tongue, they will use hand sanitizer again.

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