SVDP - STOCKING OUR FOOD PANTRY: Our Saint Vincent dePaul Society helps hungry people throughout the year. Please bring non-perishable canned, bagged, or boxed items to the narthex. Please note that SVDP cannot distribute out-of-date items.

  • Canned Vegetables: corn, green beans, mixed vegetables, peas, pork & beans, tomatoes, white potatoes, yams

  • Meats: canned meats, canned tuna fish

  • Pasta & starches: bread stuffing, canned ravioli, instant mashed potatoes (box), macaroni & cheese (box), pasta, pasta sauce, rice (box)

  • Fruit: canned fruit, cranberry sauce

  • Desserts: cake mixes, canned frosting, Jell-O® (small boxes), muffin mix (small boxes)

  • Other: canned soups, cereal, jelly, peanut butter, tea

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