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Saint Vincent de Paul Conference

of Holy Family Randallstown Food Distribution Process

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Feeding the hungry is one of the primary corporal works of mercy that all Catholics are called to. At the Saint Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Conference of Holy Family Church located in Randallstown, Maryland, we provide distributions of food to the needy in three Baltimore County zip codes: 21133 Randallstown, 21117 Owings Mills, and 21244 Windsor Mill. Our standard practice is to make major distributions of food three times a year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, to an average of 60 families per distribution.  Normally, prior to the day of distribution we mark each family’s bags with their name and stage the bags in the church hall. On the distribution day the clients will come into the church hall where they receive gift cards and gather in the hall as they wait for someone to assist them to their car and load the bags of food.  Unfortunately, the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus prevented us from making the 2020 Easter distribution on the normal schedule.


The purpose of this document is to describe the temporary changes to our process due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For the safety of our clients as well as the safety of SVdP members and volunteers we are implementing the following procedures. This document is posted on the Holy Family Church website, .

To ensure the safe handling of all food items and to prevent any transfer of the COVID-19 virus between the volunteers and the clients during the distribution of food we will follow the procedures enumerated below:

1. Clients will enter the Holy Family parking lot where the “Enter” sign is posted. Note that the parking lot in one way in and one way out. A volunteer will be available to provide directions if needed.

2.  Once in the parking lot clients will be directed by a SVdP volunteer where to proceed for curbside pickup of food.


3.  Clients must wear a facemask throughout the entire process of receiving food until they exit the parking lot.


4.  At no time during the distribution process will the client exit their vehicle.


5.  Maintaining social distancing, a volunteer will come to the client’s vehicle to request the client’s name, will compare the name to the approved list to ensure the client receives the correct food bags, and will then bring the food bags to the client’s vehicle.

6.  Clients will open their trunks from within their cars to provide access for volunteers to load the food bags. For those clients who cannot open their trunks from within their vehicles, they must provide the trunk key to the volunteer and he/she will open the trunk and return the keys to the client.


7.  All SVdP volunteers have trained according to the Archdiocese of Baltimore protocols.

8.  All volunteers will wear facemasks and latex gloves at all times.

9. SVdP will call each client beforehand to provide the date and time that they must pick  up their groceries. During this call SVdP will answer any questions, determine which food gift card the client prefers (Aldi or Giant) and clarify procedures. The gift cards will be placed in the food bags to prevent contact between the client and volunteer.

10.  Should a client miss the appointed time for pickup, SVdP will coordinate individually with the client to establish a new date and time. Should this occur all procedures above must be followed.


11.  If a client does not wear a facemask or stay in their vehicle during the distribution process, they may be asked to exit the Holy Family parking lot.

We have only enough food at this time to supply the pre-approved 60 families.  If you live in any of the following zip codes, 21133, 21117, or 21244 and would like to be considered for future food distributions please contact the Liberty Family Resource Center in Randallstown by visiting 3525 Resource Drive, or calling 410-887-0631. We apologize for any inconvenience these temporary changes may cause.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in our effort to ensure a safe delivery of food.

God Bless

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