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Advent 2023 is a short period of 3 weeks and 16 hours. Preparing for Christmas is a busy time each year. Every season of life is busy for many people. Amid the delights and difficulties of life, we depend on God, who is always faithful. God will fulfill whatever God has promised.




Advent reminds us to behold that God has fulfilled His promise of salvation. The Lord Jesus shares in our humanity in all things but sin, enables us to overcome sin, so that we can enjoy the opportunities of being God's beloved children. 


In the Sacred Scripture, "behold" is used as an invitation to recognize what God is doing and to respond. My  homily series focuses on these responses. 

This is the, "Year of Parish Revival," of the National Eucharistic Revival. The context of this series is to connect our celebration of the divine liturgy to our conduct in daily life. 


Our active participation in Holy Mass is the greatest response. "Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who takes away the sins of the world. Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb" (Communion Rite).


December 2 & 3

Perspective & Priorities

The Lord teaches that having the right perspective will define our priorities. What is truly important in life in view of time and eternity? Do our lives have to be so busy that we fail to behold the wonder of God and the gifts that God is providing?.


December 9 & 10

Penance, Pardon, & Peace

Advent is a penitential season in preparation for Christmas. when our "Savior, who is Christ and Lord" was born in Bethlehem. We also need to be ready to encounter God during every hour of life, at the hour of our death, and at the hour when our Lord will come again in glory. Experiencing peace in life is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.


December 16 & 17

Proclaim your Purpose

Experiencing joy is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Saint John the Baptist lived a distinctive lifestyle, joyful that the coming of the Christ was near. He was prepared to explain his purpose. How can we do the same?


December 23 & 24

Prophetic Praise

Prophecy is not fortune telling. It is the faithful testimony about what God has revealed and how this will impact us for good. We praise God for His faithfulness during every season of our lives. God will always fulfill whatever God has promised.

Audio recordings of my homilies will be posted here. Video recordings will be posted hereI invite you to take advantage of the other opportunities that our parish offers.


May you have a fruitful Advent in preparation for Christmas. 

Father Raymond Harris


About the Advent Scripture Readings

during Holy Mass

The First and Second Sundays of Advent focus on the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ to return at the end of time. It will happen at an unknown day and hour. This is not to instill terror in us. It is a reminder to receive the gift of each day to glorify God and promote the true and lasting good for others and ourselves.

The Third and Fourth Sundays focus on the first coming of the eternal Son of God into our world by sharing in our humanity except sin. Once again, we receive the good news of great joy that is for everyone to receive. Our Lord God and Savior has come to liberate us from sin and death, and to enjoy a fruitful life on earth (cf. Luke 2:10-11). 

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