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Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (March 2) and concludes when the Sacred Paschal Triduum begins with the Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday (April 14). The disciplines of prayer, fasting and almsgiving prepare us for the Paschal Triduum and Easter (cf. Matthew 6:1-18)


Our 2022 HFC theme is, “Growing in Faith: Our Identity in Christ.” During the Easter season, I will be sharing the Parish Pastoral Plan of short-term and long-term goals as HFC prepares for our 150th anniversary in 2026. The plan follows the mission of the universal Church to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, build the Church of Christ, make disciples of Christ, and make a positive impact in our communities in the name of Christ. Our HFC Mission Statement summarizes it as helping people "to believe in Christ, belong to His Church, and bless our communities."


Remaining steadfast in fulfilling our mission from Christ is dependent upon remaining secure in our identity in Christ. This is done in cooperation with God, including the graces that we received in the Sacrament of Baptism. We are preparing to renew our baptismal promises at Easter.


Growing as disciples of Christ within His Church  is a lifelong process. It is important to grow in loving, knowing, and serving our God as individuals. However, it is of the nature of being a disciple of Christ that we do not advance on this journey alone.  Growing in faith together as a Church is a gift from God. I invite you to take advantage of the opportunities for growing in faith offered by our parish.


Let us pray for one another that we will have a fruitful observance of Lent. May God be with you and keep you safe.


Father Raymond Harris   


Growing in being secure with our identity in Christ influences the choices we make and the course in which our life takes.



March 5 & 6

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April 2 & 3

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