POOR BOX DONATIONS: The March beneficiary is our Saint Vincent de Paul Society, which assists those who need help for rent or food.  The April beneficiary is Catholic Extension, which supports poor mission dioceses in the USA by funding programs and services which helps the Catholic Faith to grow in these areas.


FOOD DONATIONS FOR 60+ EASTER BASKETS: The Saint Vincent de Paul Society will provide Easter packages food for over 70 families. We will need your donations by Sunday, March 29. We also need donations to serve people throughout the year, including during Lent. Note well: We cannot distribute outdated food.

  • Canned Vegetables: corn, green beans, mixed vegetables, peas, pork and beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, white potatoes

  • Meats: canned meats, canned tuna fish

  • Pasta & other starches: macaroni and cheese (box), pasta, pasta sauce, rice, stuffing

  • Fruit: canned fruit, cranberry sauce

  • Desserts: cake mixes, canned cake frosting, cookies, Jell-O®, muffin mix (small boxes)

  • Other: cereal, jelly, peanut butter, soups, tea


BEANS & BREAD CASSEROLES: Our parish donates pasta casseroles to feed the hungry at the Beans and Bread Center in Fells Point. Preparation instructions are printed in the Sunday Bulletin on March 21. Pans are in the grocery cart in the narthex. Bring the casseroles to the church parking lot on March 21 between 9:00 am – 9:30 am.


ARCHDIOCESAN ANNUAL APPEAL FOR CATHOLIC MINISTRIES: The priorities are Strengthening our Parish Communities; Reaching Out to our Neighbors in Need (Catholic Charities, Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Respect Life Office programs); and Evangelizing our Community (e.g., Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Prison Ministry, Catholic Campus Ministries at state universities, Vocations Office). The 2020 goal is $40,386. Our parish receives a 25% rebate on donations given; for any donations given after the goal has been reached, an 80% rebate. Rebates will help with: (1) continuing to upgrade parish technology and (2) purchasing liturgical items to use during worship. Your generosity contributes to the work of the Lord in our parish and our Archdiocese.  Click here for more details and to donate online.